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Manage Your Bottlenecks, Improve Throughput


Managing potential bottlenecks means getting more work out the door on time.

If you are spending too much time updating spreadsheets or moving jobs on a whiteboard, you have less time to focus on getting more work through the shop. It’s all about increasing efficiency and spotting potential problems before they get out of hand. Without complete visibility to which work orders are running on what machines, what employees are running them, and how loaded each of your machines are, there is no way that you can effectively reduce or eliminate potential bottlenecks.

How can you manage your shop floor and improve your throughput?

Improving the throughput of quality parts through your shop is critical for contract, make-to-order manufacturers. If you are responsible for managing the shop floor, you need to juggle the backlog of work orders, know which employees are working on what parts, and manage potential overloaded work centers. If you are doing all of this manually or with a whiteboard, it is nearly impossible to keep up.



Have immediate access to everything you need to manage the shop floor more efficiently and get more work through the shop with a single, integrated solution from quote to cash.

Respond to customer inquiries on order status without having to put them on hold or call them back. With critical production information at your fingertips, insight into the backlog at each machine, improved visibility to employee and machine efficiency, you’ll never be blindsided. Build your position and reputation as a valued supplier with your customers.


Don’t be handcuffed with a manufacturing system not built for the real-world requirements for shop floor scheduling in a contract or make-to-order shop.

  • Quickly manage overloaded work centers
  • Easily drag and drop orders in the schedule with visibility to real-time impact
  • Immediately know which orders are in danger of missing their ship dates
  • Eliminate the guesswork of knowing which employees are most efficient
  • Improve customer retention and on-time delivery performance

Introducing a Manufacturing ERP Solution Built for the Challenges Managing the Shop Floor

With KeyedIn Manufacturing, you get answers to your toughest questions in real-time through a unique, extensible cloud solution that was built by industry experts. Learn how KeyedIn Manufacturing can help you manage the shop floor more efficiently, address overloaded work centers more proactively, and increase on-time performance.

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