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Know Exactly What to Purchase, Never be Caught Short


Manage material or service requirements without carrying too much stock or paying expedite fees.

Without integrating your material and service requirements to your planning solution, you are likely spending too much time running out to the shop just eyeballing your stock levels or chasing paperwork on late receipts. With purchasing, it is all about maximizing your buying power, carrying just the right amount of stock, and staying ahead of potential late deliveries.

How can you know exactly what to buy when you need to buy it?

If you don’t know what to buy and when you need to buy it, you may be hedging your bets, tying up too much cash in stock, or missing the delivery date of a critical order. If you are responsible for purchasing material or services for a contract, make-to-order shop, knowing exactly what you need to buy and when you need to buy it is critical. If you don’t have complete visibility to current stock levels, material requirements for a rush job, or past due receipts, you are running blind and may be over-spending on rush orders or expedites.



Have immediate access to everything you need to maintain appropriate stock levels or manage requirements that need to be purchased direct to the work order.

Respond to changes in material or service demands driven directly from changes in the production schedule. Know exactly which material should be coming in today and those material or service shipments which may be late. Carry the right amount of inventory and reduce investment in stock that doesn’t turn. Reduce or eliminate the cost of expediting material because it wasn’t ordered when it was needed.


Don’t be handcuffed with a manufacturing system not built for the real-world requirements for purchasing and material or service planning in a contract or make-to-order shop.

  • Gain increased visibility to stock levels and time-phased requirements
  • Know exactly what material or services need to be purchased considering delivery lead times
  • Immediately know which orders are late
  • Have complete insight into supplier performance
  • Reduce or eliminate expedite fees and investment in slow-moving inventory

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