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Entering orders more efficiently means getting work to the floor faster.

If you are spending too much time entering orders, you have less time to produce parts. It’s all about saving time on the front end. If you have spent time creating a quote, easily convert those quotes to orders and just add your customers PO number, contact, and delivery date. For repeat orders, easily input the minimal information required and create work orders directly from previous quote or job history.

How can you better manage your sales and grow your business?

Keeping happy customers and managing their orders is critical to growing your business. If you are responsible for sales, you need to easily manage the backlog of customer orders, quickly respond to customer inquiries, and manage potential late deliveries. If you are doing all of this manually or in disjointed systems, it’s nearly impossible to keep up.



Have immediate access to everything you need to manage customers more effectively and book more orders with a single, integrated solution from quote to cash.

Respond to customer inquiries or concerns about their orders without having to put them on hold or call them back. With critical order information right at your fingertips, a 360-degree view of all customer communication, and insight into potential problems, you’ll never be blindsided. Build customer satisfaction and book more orders just by being more efficient and proactive on the front end.


Don’t be handcuffed with a manufacturing system not built for the real-world requirements for sales in a contract or make-to-order shop.

  • Quickly push quotes to orders
  • Gain complete visibility to order backlog
  • Immediately alert production and purchasing to new orders
  • Document all customer interactions and follow-up
  • Improve customer retention and customer happiness

Introducing a Manufacturing ERP Solution Built for the Challenges of Sales

With KeyedIn Manufacturing, you can get answers to your toughest questions in real-time through a unique, extensible cloud solution that was built by industry experts. Learn how KeyedIn Manufacturing can help you manage orders more efficiently, communicate more proactively, and build customer satisfaction.

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